NYNI 2014
Home grown hops, 2013 harvest.

I've been an avid homebrewer since 2009, starting out with an partial-mash kit but quickly graduating to all-grain.

I like to call my brewery the "Better Brewing Bureau", though I also change the name on my taplist board every month or so to something fun.

Current pub name:

  • Drowsy Dragon Inn

Prior pub names:

  • Gurgling Gargoyle
  • The Teetering Tankard
  • Resurgam Roadhouse
  • Deering Draught Haus
  • Tried & True Tavern
  • Court of the Illustrious Imbibers
  • 7 Seers Sanctum
  • Stevens Ale House


Here are a few of my recipes. The XSL I use to translate the beerXML files is a bit shaky still, so forgive some odd formatting.